Mike Lombardy is Visual Artist from Cleveland, Ohio, with a multi disciplinary practice primarily combining site specific installation, works on paper, and sustainably sourced upcycled clothing. He has a BFA in Printmaking from The Cleveland Institute of Art (2015).

Using a mix of traditional and contemporary approaches to printmaking as a process, and as an essential medium for cultural conditioning, he uses the process as a foundation to question the effects it has on social systems of knowledge and spirituality. Abstract monotypes contrast with heavily layered collages that  evoke a sense of cosmic expanse,  contained by the harsh materiality of the physical world.  Interested in foundational aspects of civilization he uses archetypal forms to construct an undefinable cryptic language that can be found embedded in the work. The use of symbology in this form aims to pull on a primal chord deep within us, bringing forth a sense of familiar-unfamiliarity with the unknown messages and shapes presented to the viewer.